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Cup of tea\coffee

Cup of tea\coffee

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1. Personalized design: The cup can be decorated with specific patterns, images, logos or messages chosen by the customer. This can include artistic illustrations, initials or inspirational quotes.

2. Quality materials: Personalized tea/coffee mugs are usually made from high quality materials such as porcelain, ceramic or glass. These materials are durable, heat resistant and safe for hot drinks.

3. Capacity and Shape: Custom mugs come in different sizes and shapes to suit individual preferences. They can vary from small espresso cups to large coffee mugs, with ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip.

4. Personalized Gift: Personalized tea/coffee mugs are often given as special gifts for occasions such as birthdays, parties, weddings or corporate events. They are unique and add a personal touch to every gift.

If you want to personalize your cup of tea\coffee, contact me on Instagram or by e-mail

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